HERevolution Ambassador 2021
HERevolution celebrates women in sport and every goose bump, tear of joy and smile from both our own accomplishments and others. We play in a sport that every woman can participate and it is our common playground that brings us together to thrive and empower!!! Whether you are going for Kona or your first photo finish, HERev is the team for you.
Everyone is invited so come join the party and apply by November 1st, 2020 at midnightTeam members get our one of a kind HERevolution team kit 2020 at 40% off, 15% off everything at HERevolution store all year starting January 1st, and huge discounts on all our sponsored gear and goodies. Plus lots of free swag and prizes. We are proud to say, HERevolution apparel is top of the line technology and high quality, USA Made, true American sizing, and environmentally conscious, using water based ink. Guarantee to last many seasons.  


We embrace women sharing the love of our sport, on and off the course. Supporting others' endeavors makes them feel good which makes us feel good. Believe me when I say you will feel “the Love” when you wear HERevolution Gear. Thank you for sharing your passion and your desire to represent HERevolution. Please share this opportunity with all your friends.

More questions? I got the answers. :-)  Below is the most asked. But if you have more, please don't hesitate to contact me directly by emailing me at Owner founder, Darcy Eaton

 What are my perks as a HERev Ambassador?

  • Having the opportunity to become part of an incredibly supportive, empowering and loving community of women who share the Journey.
  • A private forum to get to know other women and to share stories. A comfortable, private place to ask questions, to lean on, support or empower with your amazing positive vibe.
  • Deep discounts on HERev’s epic Team Race Kit and Collection designed solely for you and not available to the public.
  • 15% off everything at even including sale items. Yep, you can score on some smokin’ deals.
  • You will receive your personal 15% off code to start racking up HERev points. Share with all your family and friends and they get 15% off and you get more points. Tally 2000 points (point per dollar spent) and you get a 200.00 HERev gift certificate to spend on anything you want.
  • Deep discounts on all our sponsor products, the best brands in the sport community.

 What is expected of me as a HERev Ambassador?

  • Share the HERev Love and commit to wear HERevolution Designs apparel throughout the year.
  • Support and represent our brand through social media, races, events, family and friends.
  • Support our community by empowering and embracing like-minded women.

 It's all about OUR Journey! 

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