My motto has always been, “look good, feel good; feel good do good.” When I started triathlon 16 years ago, there was very little women’s apparel. I went into a bike shop and asked for a pair of cycle shorts and they offered me a men’s small since they didn’t have many women’s in stock. I chafed everywhere and they looked horrible on me. As more women entered the sport, we saw a rise in women’s selection but with absolutely no fashion, functionality or comfort. Eventually, we saw more availability and in 2011, I opened an all women’s bike shop in Solana Beach, California, offering the best available lines for women.

HERevolution was born.

I was aware how intimidating it was for women to enter male dominant sport shops and talk about their sore hoohas, or about products they new little about. My shop was a place for women to feel comfortable, to learn, to grow and to persevere. Along my journey, I learned a lot about quality, functionality and comfort for women. When I decided to start my own designs, I looked very hard for a manufacturer that could meet my high standards and offer our market the best. I will not forget when I slipped into my first designed road kit, made by Zoca Gear. I looked good. I felt good and I had my best ride with tons of compliments to boot.

In my 16-year career, I have raced 5 Ironman, including IM World’s, over twenty 70.3’s and I can’t even count all the sprint races. Energy should not be spent worrying about tops riding up, sausage legs or muffin top. I am certain you will all agree when you slip into HERevolution Designs made by Zoca, you will not worry for one moment about your apparel.

Today, HERevolution is solely online offering exclusive HERevolution Apparel. Our focus is to offer you bold, bright designs, maintaining high quality, supporting American made and sizing, while embracing eco friendly choices. Our fabulous partner, Zoca Gear, employs and manufactures here in San Diego, California, uses eco-friendly water base ink, and adheres to true American sizing. This is very important to us at HERevolution. I believe the slight extra cost is worth supporting these ideas.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a routine we strive to implement. Every garment is shipped to you in the original packaging from our manufacturer. We use minimal recyclable packaging.

HERevolution celebrates women in sport and every goose bump, tear of joy and adrenaline rush we experience from both our own accomplishments and others. We have a sport that every woman can participate in and it is our heart and soul that brings us together to find camaraderie, friendship, growth and empowerment.

We embrace women sharing the love of our sport, on and off the course. Supporting others' endeavors makes them feel good which makes us feel good. Believe me when I say you will feel “the Love” when you wear HERevolution Gear. So, represent well, and share the love.

#RevItUp Ladies

You can learn more about the founder and Designer, Darcy Eaton, by checking out her blog or visiting