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As you may know, I am the founder/designer of HERevolution Gear. I am also a competitive triathlete of 16 years and a triathlon coach of 9. I started as a "never" swim bike run girl, party till you drop college graduate, overweight smoker to, let's try a triathlon and maybe it will turn my life around. IT DID! Got the bug and raced until I qualified for the coveted Ironman World Championships. Since then I have still raced but my main focus has been to give back to the sport what I was given and what I wasn't. I wanted to share with the world where I was and what I have become to empower, educate and strengthen the heart, soul and inter-being of anyone I could reach. Hence HERevolution. This is my brand to celebrate and share my journey and every woman who wears it. I don't just design apparel. I am building the movement of women in sport. Strong is sexy. My motto, Look good feel good do good. You deserve it, you work for it and you have a reason, a purpose and a STORY that brings you here with me, with us, and with triathlon. 

I now am getting back to racing and last week at Santa Rosa 70.3, I got to try out our new one piece half sleeved tri suit. Every piece of gear we produce is USA made eco-friendly with water based ink. This practice along with TRUE American sizing is very important to me. The kit was amazing! I had the best race and was so comfortable.

In 2000, women's triathlon gear was far and few between, all black and quite frankly men's hand me downs. More has became available and 2003-2005 and we saw one piece tri suits for women. As flattering as they were, they lost luster because of the "pee" issue. You all get it, yes? It was a hassle so two pieces have been the triathlon kit of choice. My choice too. Just recently, however, one pieces have made another big debut and I am on board.  This is why.

Comfort: it is all one piece form fitting and close to the skin. Plus it has the same percentage of compression throughout the piece (if it's quality like ours) and holds you in like you wouldn't believe. There is no issues with the top riding up (as it does on some body types) or muffin top. With the sleeved suit, there is no chances for chafing under the arms (as some get).

Flattery: As mentioned, no muffin top and with the sleeved suit there is no pinched skin under the arm pits. It accentuates our curves beautifully and holds you in.

Skin Protection: SPF material and the sleeved suit covers your shoulders and back for extra protection. 

Aerodynamics: Easy to swim bike and run in without drag. 

Pee Issue: It is a non-issue. There is no built in bra in ours to bunch up or make it too constrictive to get off. The zipper is in the front to allow easy access. Unzip, pull down, and go. Easy 1,2,3. 

I recommend it highly and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me from our website.

Link to Tri Suits -  https://www.herevolution.com/collections/triathlon

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  • Posted On September 01, 2017 by Sandra M

    Such a beautiful kit!!

    I bought the short sleeves -my first one piece! I am so tired of my old kits from another company riding up-cannot wait to wear it in my come back triathlon this weeken!!!

    And congratulations!!!!!

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